Curbing climate change and carbon emissions will require bold and forward-thinking legislation that brings together industry experts, academia and organizations focused on protecting our communities. Massachusetts is an intellectual hub. As a professional communicator and coalition builder, I see opportunity and have already started working and engaging with leading scientists (some in our own district) to devise ways to create proactive and innovative legislation backed by data and research. This initiative will not only protect our environment, but also incentivize companies to bring their green businesses to Massachusetts.

Representatives in the House failed to include a Senate proposal to remove net metering caps in the final version of the clean energy bill. Keeping the net metering cap intact could impact the rate at which the commonwealth is able to grow its solar industry. For residents looking for leadership on climate change initiatives, this is seen as a disappointment.

Transportation initiatives can also help offset the impact of climate change. It’s time to create a comprehensive and reliable multi-modal transportation system here in Massachusetts that is aimed at reducing the effects of carbon emissions in the Commonwealth. It’s been over a decade since we’ve had a solution to our transportation mess, and commuters deserve better. This includes creating a reliable and accessible MBTA and developing bike lanes on our roadways that allow bikers and drivers to safely share the road. These measures will help take more cars off the roads and promote more sustainable modes of transportation in the Commonwealth.