As former director of communications at Northeastern University’s College of Science, I had the opportunity to use my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to help develop a strong and strategic foundation for a new college. This required collaboration, leadership, integrity and the ability to navigate difficult conversations.

These are the skills that will be instrumental when building coalitions and bridges to advocate for legislation that will impact our district and state, while protecting some of our most vulnerable populations.

The vision and foresight often associated with entrepreneurship are qualities I will bring to this office. As a progressive Democrat, I support priorities such as LGBTQIA+ rights; providing quality services to veterans; fighting for and protecting communities from racism; preserving women’s reproductive rights; supporting our public schools and teachers; focusing on sustainable solutions for our environment; advocating for universal healthcare; and pursuing resources to address the opioid crisis.

Change like this will require more than voting the right way. I am prepared to lead with vision and creativity to ensure the causes we all believe in are addressed and defended. Our district has the infrastructure to lead groundbreaking legislative initiatives that will not only benefit Arlington and Medford, but also provide opportunity and equity across the Commonwealth.

I am the proud mom of a 9-year-old who attends Thompson Elementary, an active member of the community, a soccer coach and a volunteer for Jane Doe Inc., an organization that advocates for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. As a natural stakeholder in the district, addressing issues such as affordable childcare, housing and transportation challenges and creating economic growth through innovation and technology initiatives will be paramount to ensuring the continued growth of our district.

Economic Growth & Educational Opportunities Through Innovation & Technology

Diversity in thought leads to true innovation. In Massachusetts, we are in a strong position to continue advancing in the areas of innovation and technology. Surrounded by companies, institutions, and startup spaces that specialize in industries such as biotechnology, sustainability, and security, our state has the ecosystem to harness true innovation. We have a responsibility to not only build up these communities, but also create pipelines to train and prepare our next generation of professionals, as well as current professionals who are looking to transition into new jobs. This will give us an edge as we continue to position ourselves as pioneers in an ever-changing environment. Read more.

Transportation and Affordable Housing

As housing becomes more expensive, many people are being forced to move further away from the city, where transportation can oftentimes be less accessible. It’s time for the district and the Commonwealth to become and affordable place to live with an accessible and efficient transportation system. Read more.

Supporting Working Families

We need to step up our support for working families. Our state needs to find solutions to help address the struggles many families face as they grapple with the challenge of finding affordable and enriching childcare.

As a working parent, I deeply value and understand the importance and the necessity of having access to childcare that won’t break the bank. Many families will have already paid a college tuition for childcare before their kids enter kindergarten. We need to start finding creative and innovative ways to make child care sustainable, while also working to support the careers of our childcare professionals.

Communicating with the District

As a communication professional, I realize how powerful open and informative communication can be. As State Representative, I will prioritize communication between the State House and the district, and put mechanisms in place to ensure transparency and that all interested voters are a part of the conversation.

I will create an interactive website, develop a comprehensive newsletter, and hold round table discussions at the beginning, middle, and end of the session where we can review the progress and outstanding concerns. I will also hold regular office hours  with constituents to ensure our district’s message and mission in the State House is authentic and accurate.